[kde-solaris] Solaris and KDE

Eva Brucherseifer eva at kde.org
Tue Jul 29 12:05:49 CEST 2003

Hi Stefan,

I am very sad to here that. Did you talk to sysadmin at kde.org  or 
ftpadmin at kde.org about that? I'd like to hear their reasoning.

There was an earlier case similar to that and I remember and when I asked they 
argued, that there was a security issue and no updates available  (I think it 
was about version 3.0.1 or so). So they said - people should not rely on 
dangerous packages, which is indeed an argument which has its points.

Security and other packaging issues are being discussed at the non-public list 
kde-packagers at kde.org. Are you subscribed to this list? If you are packaging 
KDE regularely, you should definitily be subscribed there.

Still I am very sure, this issue will be resolved soon. I cannot imagine, that 
someone in KDE is not interested in the solaris platform. I am sure there is 
some valid reason for this or it happened by accident.


On Tuesday 29 July 2003 05:13, Stefan Teleman wrote:
> I found out today from an engineer at Sun Microsystems that the
> packages i had uploaded at KDE earlier this spring had been removed
> from the ftp site and are no longer available for download. He was
> trying to download these packages and install them, after having
> installed them and tested them on his workstation. As a result of
> these packages being removed from KDE, they have also been removed
> from the mirror sites, and they are no longer available. Noone at KDE
> told me about it, in advance, or after the fact, so i could at least
> find some alternate online space, and make the packages available to
> those interested in them.
> Interestingly enough, the other packages (Slackware, VectorLinux) in
> 3.1.1 have not been removed, and are still available.
> I am just letting everyone know. I thought KDE was interested in being
> available for, and being ported to, more than Linux. I guess i must
> have been wrong.
> 'Laters.
> --Stefan

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