[kde-solaris] Problems with KDE 3.1.2 packages

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Wed Jul 9 21:44:13 CEST 2003

Dan  Smith wrote:

>     o    I cannot seem to display any JPEG images as backgrounds for (a) 
> my desktop and (b) konsole.  I usually use the 'paper' scheme in konsole 
> (I have KDE 3.0), but in 3.1.2 I only get a white background.  For the 
> desktop, when I go to change the wallpaper, the preview windows shows a 
> 'broken' icon, not the wallpaper.  When I select 'Apply', I get the 
> 'gradient', no image.

This could be due to KDE not finding your  libjpeg.so files.

If you have installed a precompiled KDE, it will have ideas
about where to look for libjpeg.so. If the libjpeg.so is somewhere
else on you system - what you describe whould happen.

Make a truss(1) of a KDE app  that uses JPG's and search it for

then make a link in one of the paths it has searched to where
the libjpeg.so  resides on your system.

Lars Tunkrans

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