[kde-solaris] bz2/solaris 8/kde 3.1.rc6

Gerhard Franke kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Tue Jan 28 14:42:06 2003

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 10:20:51PM -0600, Joshua Symons wrote:
> Had the same issue in kde 3.1.rc2.
> ./configure in kdelibs will not recognize my bzip2 installation
> the problem as far as i can tell is that I have two instances of
> libbz2.so.1 on my system, one is the default with solaris installation
> which looks like this:
> I'm pretty sure that kdelibs wants the latter (prefix BZ2_) and not the
> former, however even if I specify the extra libs to include the third
> party directory, configure finds the /usr/lib first. The third party
> directory $QTDIR/lib is in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH before /usr/lib but I
> don't think configure cares. Anyone have an easy solution on how to get
> around this? I can't overwrite /usr/lib due to lack of root power, so
> that's not an option. Obviously I can't use help:// without it, so it
> would be nice to get it working. Thx in adv.

Same issue with kde-3.1 Final

./configure tries to link with '... --shared -lbz2 ...' but the gcc-info pages
say that if one is using -shared he also has to use -fPIC or -fpic.

So I added -fPIC to the configure-line (35889)
LIBS="$all_libraries $USER_LDFLAGS $cxx_shared_flag -fPIC -lbz2 $LIBSOCKET"


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