[kde-solaris] problem with https

Bart Whiteley kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Jan 15 02:02:00 2003

I'm running Solaris 8 and KDE_3_1_BRANCH.  I can't get 
https to work with konqueror.  

I've noticed a couple of other posts on the list archive concerning
this matter, but their solutions don't seem to work for me.  

I have OpenSSL-0.9.7 installed as shared libs.  I point kde to 
openssl with --with-ssl-dir=<path>.  I have the /dev/random 
patch applied.  The OpenSSL libs are in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. 
The configure scripts say they are able to find the OpenSSL libs
and headers. 

Is there something else I can try?  Where can I look for debug/error


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