[kde-solaris] sol9 & kde 3.0.5 - keyboard ugliness & backspace

Bonds, Fletcher kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Feb 26 01:16:01 2003

Weird config:

I have PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro
On it I'm running WRQ Reflection X 8
Connecting XDMCP direct to Solaris 9 running on a Ultra 10.

When I load CDE window manager, I can make the backspace key on my =
Microsoft Natural Pro (ergo) keyboard work by any of the following =

1. stty erase ^H
2. stty sane
3. switch from korn to bash

When I load KDE 3.0.5 window manager, I can do nothing (I've found) to =
make the backspace key work. =20

1. Pressing it in konsole for instance results in:


2. stty erase ^[[3~

stty: invalid integer argument ` '
Try `stty --help' for more information

3. stty sane

^[[3~  (unchanged)

4. bash

now I just get "~' (tilde by itself) - which again I can't map to erase =
w/ stty


okay so that's one keyboard weirdness.  The other is trying to configure =
the keyboard in Control Center.

1. I launch KDE Control Center
2. Go to Peripherals/Keyboard
3. First tab is layout - on this:
	a. I select checkbox "Enable Keyboard Layouts
	b. In Configuration section "Keyboard Model" drop down list is empty.
	c. Primary Layout list contains only Bengali & Farsi
	d. Primary Variant list is empty
	e. Additional Layouts includes only Arabic, Bengali & Farsi.
	f. Variant list is empty
4. Second tab is Options - on this:
	a. I reset old options in Xkb Options section - no effect on anything.

Seems to me that I should be able to set the keyboard model here to =
something and have it possibly clear up my other problem (?).  Also, if =
I knew which package/rpm controlled the keyboard settings, I could check =
it's install.. =20

Any hints, tips, suggestions on this?  Anyone know which package =
contains the kde keyboard stuff?=20