[kde-solaris] KDE on Solaris Companion CD

John Martinez kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Tue Feb 18 06:36:00 2003

Eric Boutilier wrote:
> Hi.
> We're looking for feedback regarding the usefulness of having KDE
> available on the Solaris Companion CD (available for download
> here: sun.com/solaris/freeware).

Hey Eric,

Another list that I follow.

I'm very interested in having KDE on the Companion CD. I used to build 
it myself, but my time has become more involved with other things. I 
usually follow the threads on this list to see where I can grab binaries 
of the latest and greatest or use it from the Companion CD (usually).

I don't know if its possible, but could/does Sun provide build 
instructions for KDE in the source packages on the CCD?

Thanks for inquiring.