[kde-solaris] status on kde3.1

Cory C. Omand kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Feb 14 18:24:12 2003


I would very much like a copy of your build environment - I don't want to put 
you out the cost of postage and a CDR, however.  Is there any way I could 
download this from some high bandwidth location?  Maybe your work deserves a 
sourceforge project with some download area?  In the event a download is 
impossible, you can mail a CDR to this address:

C. Omand
MSTP NWK10-206
7777 Gateway Blvd.
Newark, CA  94560

Send me your address in the packet, and I'll send you back a money order for 
your trouble.


Stefan Teleman wrote:
> Hi!
> To begin, i would like to thank everyone for their kind and supportive 
> replies. I am very very happy to work on this project.
> As far as my build environment at home goes:
> Sun Ultra 60 2x 360MHz UltraSPARC IIi 2GB RAM
> Elite 3DM6 graphics board
> SunOS starwars 5.8 Generic_108528-18 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-60
> Forte-7 with patches (32-bit)
> Forte-7 flags:
> -features=%all,extensions -instances=extern -library=Crun,Cstd 
> -template=wholeclass,extdef -verbose=template -xO3 -xtarget=ultra2 
> -xarch=v8plus -dalign -xprefetch=yes -xlibmopt -mt -D_REENTRANT
> What i have finished porting and i am currently running:
> qt-x11-free-3.1.1
> arts-1.1
> kdelibs-3.1
> kdebase-3.1
> kdenetwork-3.1
> kdemultimedia-3.1
> kdebindings-3.1
> kdeaddons-3.1
> kdeadmin-3.1
> Non-KDE packages:
> kbear-2.1 (works very very well)
> What i am currently working on:
> kdegraphics-3.1
> kdegames-3.1
> Additional libraries:
> libpng-1.2.5
> libmng-1.0.0
> libjpeg-6.2.0
> libtiff-3.6.0
> libxml and libxslt (Gary Pennington's port)
> libpango-1.0
> libglib-2.2.1
> libatk-1.0
> libgdk-2.2.1
> libgtk-2.2.1
> libfreetype-6.3.2
> libxine-1.0beta4
> I have built (and in some cases ported the code here and there for 
> minor fixes) all these additional libraries with Forte-7.0 on my Sun 
> box, since i want to provide a clean and consistent KDE release. My 
> plan is to package all the required extra libraries into a separate 
> package (calling it requiredlibs or something), so everyone can use 
> the fully consistent build.
> Yes, i would definitely like to have these fixes incorporated into the 
> main source tree, no question about it. I wouldn't want to cause a 
> code branch in KDE, since that quickly becomes so difficult to 
> maintain and merge.
> A lot of the fixes pertain to declaring and implementing 
> bool::operator==(const T& t) const and
> bool::operator< (const T& t) const, for those types which are used in 
> containers (std::list<T> and QValueList<T>) -- the compiler does not 
> generate these operators automatically (nor is it required to :-). In 
> some cases, the operators were declared and implemented non-const, so 
> the compiler rejected them. Many other fixes came down to my  
> implementing the sigaction(2) interface for signal handlers, as 
> opposed to the original implementation with BSD-ish signal(3C), which 
> Forte does not like very much in C++ (had to write the whole song and 
> dance extern "C" signal handler function and function pointer and so 
> on)..
> A lot of problems in khtml/* (and elsewhere) were caused by GCC's 
> -foverloaded-virtual flag, which is not available on Forte, and 
> because of which, many member functions were not declared virtual 
> when they should have been, or they were declared virtual in a leaf 
> inherited class, and not starting at the base. This lead to run-time 
> linker errors (undefined virtual table symbol in these classes, tons 
> of undefined symbols mayhem, etc), which are very hard to catch 
> without testing thoroughly.
> I would be very happy to burn you a CD with a snapshot of my work area 
> and mail it to you. It's no trouble at all for me to do this, i have 
> already promised the same thing to two other guys who are also 
> interested in this. I can do it this coming weekend, since it's a 
> 3-day weekend. :-) My only caveat: for your own sanity, please do not 
> re-run 'configure'. :-) It will re-generate the Makefiles, and i had 
> to hand-patch all the Makefiles one by one, because the linker flags 
> are not being generated correctly, and because sometimes the 
> Makefiles are generated with bogus blank lines which cause make to 
> croke.
> The two applications which are currently still giving me grief:
> - Konqueror in web mode (i probably need to redo a full clean build 
> from scratch of everything, because i've been patching khtml like 
> crazy and rebuilding it locally, which usually leads to a big mess) 
> -- it connects to the web site, then suddenly dies with SIGBUS -- 
> this smacks of a bad build and/or inconsistent symbols.
> - Noatun -- sometimes it works, sometimes it SIGSEGV because it can't 
> create a Noatun::Session object (in Engine::initArts(), d->session is 
> NULL after Arts::DynamicCast()). I'm still scratching my head on this 
> one. :-) I have seen this problem reported on the 'net on other 
> platforms, but haven't found any post as to how to fix it -- i feel 
> so alone on this one :-). I really want to fix this one because when 
> Noatun decides to work, it's a beauty.
> Everything else works beautifully -- Konqueror in file manager mode is 
> a beauty, the cd-player rocks, the sound quality is fantastic even 
> with no speakers, the icons are _great_ --  they render extremely 
> quickly, and the speed is very very nice!
> Just let me know where to send the CD -- it's really no problem for me 
> to burn it and send it to you -- actually i'm dying to try out my new 
> Yamaha (24x write mode) CD-burner on my Sun :-).
> I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. I 
> will try my best to make it worth the wait. After i'm done with the 
> 32-bit version, i'm moving on to 64-bit. :-)
> Once again, thank you everyone for the very kind and encouraging 
> words. :-)
> --Stefan
> ----
> On Thursday 13 February 2003 12:56, Cory C. Omand wrote:
>>Are you compiling on Solaris 8 or 9?  If you are setting up on 8,
>>could I get a copy of your sources to compile a similar set of
>>packages for S9?  What sort of build environment are you using? 
>>Have you considered a setup like GAR?
>>C. Omand
>>Stefan Teleman wrote:
>>>Here is my status update:
>>>I am currently running (on my Sun Ultra 60 box) KDE 3.1 compiled
>>>with Forte 7:
>>>Since my original post, i have been fixing a lot of bugs in kio,
>>>khtml/css, khtml/dom, khtml/ecma and khtml/xml, and in many other
>>>places too (kdemultimedia, kdebase, kdenetwork), which made the
>>>code very unstable (amongst others, missing implementations of
>>>member functions declared in the header file). Unfortunately,
>>>every build iteration takes me about 4 days, since i can only
>>>work on this in my free time (evenings weekdays and weekends),
>>>after which i test for about 3 days, and i fix whatever bugs i
>>>find. So, this comes to about one build a week. I am myself
>>>extremely anxious to finally post my port in Sun pkg format,
>>>online, so that everyone can try it out, and hopefully enjoy it.
>>>But, i don't feel comfortable making a release when i know for a
>>>fact there are still bugs which need to be addressed. Not to
>>>mention that, if i post a buggy, i will probably get flamed. :-)
>>>So, i am kindly asking everyone to bear with me for a little,
>>>while i fix these bugs and i come up with a nice, clean and
>>>stable release. I would like to assure everyone that i am working
>>>very hard on this port and, as soon as i have a stable (and
>>>relatively bug-free) build, i will post it online.
>>>Thanks everyone for understanding. :-)
>>>On Wednesday 12 February 2003 04:21, Matthew Day wrote:
>>>>it's been alittle while since i've heard anything, i know a few
>>>>of you were trying to build 3.1 using the forte compiler for
>>>>solaris. How are these attempts going? does anyone have packages
>>>>yet? I'd dearly like to make them avaliable on my website for
>>>>not to mention i'd like to try it myself, and have a solaris
>>>>install coming up next week :-)
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