[kde-solaris] status on kde3.1

Cory C. Omand kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Thu Feb 13 18:58:00 2003


Are you compiling on Solaris 8 or 9?  If you are setting up on 8, could I get a 
copy of your sources to compile a similar set of packages for S9?  What sort of 
build environment are you using?  Have you considered a setup like GAR?

C. Omand

Stefan Teleman wrote:
> Hi!
> Here is my status update:
> I am currently running (on my Sun Ultra 60 box) KDE 3.1 compiled with 
> Forte 7:
> qt-3.1.1
> arts-1.1
> kdelibs-3.1
> kdebase-3.1
> kdenetwork-3.1
> kdemultimedia-3.1
> kdeaddons-3.1
> Since my original post, i have been fixing a lot of bugs in kio, 
> khtml/css, khtml/dom, khtml/ecma and khtml/xml, and in many other 
> places too (kdemultimedia, kdebase, kdenetwork), which made the code 
> very unstable (amongst others, missing implementations of member 
> functions declared in the header file). Unfortunately, every build 
> iteration takes me about 4 days, since i can only work on this in my 
> free time (evenings weekdays and weekends), after which i test for 
> about 3 days, and i fix whatever bugs i find. So, this comes to about 
> one build a week. I am myself extremely anxious to finally post my 
> port in Sun pkg format, online, so that everyone can try it out, and 
> hopefully enjoy it. But, i don't feel comfortable making a release 
> when i know for a fact there are still bugs which need to be 
> addressed. Not to mention that, if i post a buggy, i will probably 
> get flamed. :-)
> So, i am kindly asking everyone to bear with me for a little, while i 
> fix these bugs and i come up with a nice, clean and stable release.
> I would like to assure everyone that i am working very hard on this 
> port and, as soon as i have a stable (and relatively bug-free) build, 
> i will post it online.
> Thanks everyone for understanding. :-)
> --Stefan
> ----- 
> On Wednesday 12 February 2003 04:21, Matthew Day wrote:
>>it's been alittle while since i've heard anything, i know a few of
>>you were trying to build 3.1 using the forte compiler for solaris. 
>>How are these attempts going? does anyone have packages yet? I'd
>>dearly like to make them avaliable on my website for everyone.
>>not to mention i'd like to try it myself, and have a solaris
>>install coming up next week :-)