[kde-solaris] status on kde3.1

Stefan Teleman kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Thu Feb 13 02:32:00 2003


Here is my status update:

I am currently running (on my Sun Ultra 60 box) KDE 3.1 compiled with 
Forte 7:

Since my original post, i have been fixing a lot of bugs in kio, 
khtml/css, khtml/dom, khtml/ecma and khtml/xml, and in many other 
places too (kdemultimedia, kdebase, kdenetwork), which made the code 
very unstable (amongst others, missing implementations of member 
functions declared in the header file). Unfortunately, every build 
iteration takes me about 4 days, since i can only work on this in my 
free time (evenings weekdays and weekends), after which i test for 
about 3 days, and i fix whatever bugs i find. So, this comes to about 
one build a week. I am myself extremely anxious to finally post my 
port in Sun pkg format, online, so that everyone can try it out, and 
hopefully enjoy it. But, i don't feel comfortable making a release 
when i know for a fact there are still bugs which need to be 
addressed. Not to mention that, if i post a buggy, i will probably 
get flamed. :-)

So, i am kindly asking everyone to bear with me for a little, while i 
fix these bugs and i come up with a nice, clean and stable release.
I would like to assure everyone that i am working very hard on this 
port and, as soon as i have a stable (and relatively bug-free) build, 
i will post it online.

Thanks everyone for understanding. :-)



On Wednesday 12 February 2003 04:21, Matthew Day wrote:
> it's been alittle while since i've heard anything, i know a few of
> you were trying to build 3.1 using the forte compiler for solaris. 
> How are these attempts going? does anyone have packages yet? I'd
> dearly like to make them avaliable on my website for everyone.
> not to mention i'd like to try it myself, and have a solaris
> install coming up next week :-)
> Matt

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