[kde-solaris] Re: question on compiling

Stefan Teleman Stefan.Teleman at morganstanley.com
Mon Dec 8 20:44:09 CET 2003

> there are thousands of references to /home/me/KDE32B2 in the various .so 
> and .la files that are built.

Oh -- oopsie. :-)

I would try these things:

- pass --disable-rpath to ./configure (should prevent it from writing
entries in the Makefiles -- but it does not hurt to double check)
- explicitly set LD_RUN_PATH (in the shell environment where you are
to the desired RPATH
- hack libtool, and explicitly unset, then set LD_RUN_PATH to the same
as above
at the top of libtool.

i am not 100% certain this will work -- but i am assuming you are
using the Sun
linker, which should observe LD_RUN_PATH.

Unfortunately i know of no way of resetting the RPATH in a shared lib
relinking it.

As far as the *.la files, perl or sed (if the hack above worked).


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