[kde-solaris] question on compiling

Darrell Esau Darrell.Esau at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 8 20:24:53 CET 2003

Sorry -- I was a bit vague here..

When I said "there are thousands of links to '/home/me/KDE32B2', I meant that 
there are thousands of references to /home/me/KDE32B2 in the various .so 
and .la files that are built.


On Monday 08 December 2003 11:03 am, Darrell Esau wrote:
> Hello all,
> General question here.
> I'm compiling KDE on sparc/solaris into a directory in my home directory..
> call it:
> /home/me/KDE32B2
> Everything compiles fine -- and works great when I run startkde (i'm using
> gcc)
> however -- I want to be able to tar up the entire directory and move it to
> another place.. call it:
> /home/you/KDE32B2
> When I do this, kde won't start because of thousands of links to
> '/home/me/KDE32B2'
> Is there a way to tell gcc not to do this?  Is this possible?
> Thanks,
> d
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