[kde-solaris] KDE & libbz2

Laurent Blume laurent at elanor.org
Sun Aug 17 04:00:00 CEST 2003

Hello all,

I just ran into some small trouble while compiling kdelibs 3.1.3.
I've seen the problem with libbz2 is not new (many old threads), but now, it
seems to be on KDE's side: the detection of the libbz2 version in the configure
script tries incorrectly to use the old function names, without the BZ2_

This comes from the version of libbz2 now shipping with Solaris 9: it
includes _both_  names, with and without the prefix, probably to ensure
backward compatibility  with the first libbz2 shipped by Sun, which was an old
version, while upgrading to the newer 1.0.x versions.

It's easy to work around, I just added a #define NEED_BZ2_PREFIX in config.h,
as had been suggested before.
I think it could be fixed more nicely by inverting the two tests in the
configure script, am I right?
Here, it looks for bzCompress, and if found, never tries BZ2_bzCompress.
The opposite should be better, IHMO, even considering it's getting close to 3am

Time to go to bed,


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