[kde-solaris] GCC 3.3 snapshot 030714 and arts-1.1.3

Lars Tunkrans lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Sat Aug 2 04:23:51 CEST 2003


   I have proven now that GCC-3.3 snapshot source from
   14 of July  has had the fixes incorporated that makes
   it possible to compile  arts-1.1.3  without
    getting the  "internal compiler error "
   which the first release of Gcc 3.3  produces.

   Unfortunatley the prebuilt and packaged Gcc 3.3
   at SUN-Freeware has this bug.

   If some one of you people has a good relationship with  Steve
   at SUN-freeware maybe you can get him to redo his
   packageing of GCC-3.3 , with a later source than the
   first release.


Lars Tunkrans

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