[kde-solaris] votes for 64-bit KDE

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Wed Apr 30 23:45:35 CEST 2003

Two things:

	1) why do I need KDE 64bit?  Compiling 32bit software 
	   against 64 bit libraries doesn't work all that well...
		- Getting gtk2 to work alone was a huge PITA...

	2) If I can compile 3.1.1/2 as 64bit for solaris 9 
	   successfully, I am willing to share it.  Requirements,
	   although, 64 bit libs will be needed...  (I will create


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The overwhelming majority of votes for 64-bit KDE is for Solaris 8. So,
i am starting work on that next week.

Also, KDE 3.1.2 will be out next week.


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