[kde-solaris] Disabling OpenGL

norman at embratel.com.br norman at embratel.com.br
Fri Apr 25 22:53:08 CEST 2003

I´m compiling kdelibs, kdebase, qt and arts to use some of the applications
from kdebase package. The machine in which I'm compiling is a Solaris 7
Ultra Sparc 10. The compiled software will be run in this machine and in
(possibly) more 3. The Ultra has OpenGL support and the others don´t (and
they don't fill the requisites to have OpenGL). I´m struggling to disable
the OpenGL only in kdebase and ask:
1- qt and kdelibs were compiled with OpenGL support. I think that if I
install them in a machine withou OpenGL, they will run OK (since they are
only libraries called from the executables in kdebase). Am I right ??
2- HOW do I disable the OpenGL in kdebase ???? I have compiled three time
the package, trying different switches in the configure without success (I
even applied a --without-gl, that isn´t in the configure help but was found
in http://lxr.kde.org/source/kdebase/?v=3.1 (and the configure didn´t
complained about that)).
The last graphics options used in configure were:
--without-gl --with-motif-includes=/usr/dt/include

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