[kde-solaris] KDE Desktop Lock

Cyrill Rüttimann ruettimac at mac.com
Fri Apr 25 17:57:06 CEST 2003

On Freitag, April 25, 2003, at 10:45  Uhr, Philip Jackson wrote:

> Dear All,
> Does anyone know if there is a problem with the desktop lock in KDE 
> 3.1.1? It goes on okay but will not accept my password (comes up with 
> password failed message) even though it has been typed correctly. We 
> use Solaris 9 with the machines set up as LDAP clients.

I had this behaviour too. I have build KDE 3.1.1 on my own and have 
modified the startup script from sun for my purposes.
I just installed the packages from Mathias Meyer yesterday and all 
works fine for now. I can now startup applications as root like the 
users application.
I guess, that this is a permission problem in the startup script - some 
processes are not running with the right permission. But I have not 
checked that.



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