[kde-solaris] Toolchain sanity

Lars Tunkrans kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Apr 2 18:34:02 2003

Henri Servomaa wrote:
> Hello list,
> I was able to compile qt-3.1.1 and a basic kde-3.1.1 under
> Solaris 8 (gcc-3.2.1) without much trouble and the desktop side
> of things is just fine.
> However, lately, many packages (emacs, stunnel, tcpwrappers etc.etc)
> fail to compile for reasons that I cannot understand. (ie. do not make
> sense)
> After trying to get to the base of the problems, my feeling is that 
> some Solaris/gnu/kde libs and/or headers do not like each other.
> Since people on this list seem experienced with all of the 3 "worlds"
> above
> I would like ask for advice on how to set-up a sane compiling
> environment
> based on gcc-3.2.1 and gnu-tools.
> Any pointers welcome.
> I will make some notes and contribute all my findings back to the list
> when I reach enlightenment on this subject :^)

If you are having "stuff"  from the Solaris 8 freeware/companinon CD
installed it is becomming somewhat dated by now.  As Solaris 8 02/02  was relaesed
a year ago the code on that companinon CD is likely  18 months old.

Open source  programs change so rapidly that if you have libraries and headerfiles
that are a year or more out of timesync with the project you want to build
it is very likley not possible.

Either upgrade to Solaris 9 12/02 and the corresponding 12/02 Companinon CD


uninstall all the SFWxxxx  packages and build from scratch from
"modern"  (open)source-code.

Lars Tunkrans