[kde-solaris] Problems building koffice-1.2

Laurent Blume kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Oct 18 14:43:21 2002

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, The Wizard wrote:
> All -
>      I am building Koffice 1.2 on Solaris 8/x86. I have successfully built
> and installed all of KDE 3.0.4, but when I run the "make install" for
> Koffice I get the following errors:

> I can't seem to find a "configure" switch or make target to avoid this
> error. I have even gone so far as to build graphview and Doxygen, but it
> didn't help. I am using gcc-3.2/Gnu ld/Gnu make 3.79 for the build
> environment. KDE is actually working, and Koffice is working, but the
> failure makes my build script die, so I can't do a fully automated
> hands-off build.

Just found that one by accident: some script expect /bin/sh to be bash (as for
the language packages of KDE).
I moved sh and linked bash to /bin/sh instead, and the make install went to the
normal end.
It did say ./apidocs was missing, but that didn't exit the script.

Hope this helps,