[kde-solaris] Gideon compile error - what is QCursor?

Michael Matz kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Oct 16 12:56:59 2002


On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 Laszlo.Kishonti@khb.hu wrote:

> I use KDE 3.0.3 + Qt (from ftp.kde.org, everything is from the same
> directory) on Solaris X86.

The precompiled versions from ftp.kde.org?  They are most probably
compiled with gcc 2.95 or at least not with gcc 3.2.  All C++ libraries
need to be compiled with the same compiler (this applies at least to
compilers older than 3.2).

> In the config log i found that it was not able to link the small test app
> to libqt-mt because some QCursor and its functions were missing.

This is the result of an ABI mismatch, which is the reason for the need to
use the same C++ compiler for all libraries.