[kde-solaris] konqueror sluggish

Roland Krause kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Mon Oct 14 19:05:01 2002

I recently had my home directory and my kde directory moved from a
local drive to network storage. Since then konqueror is extremely
All other app's work almost as fast as before. I recompiled everything
with the new paths but that didnt do anything. 

Every mouseclick, every menu action, any interaction with konqueror has
 a response time of about 3-5 seconds. Has anybody here experienced

I suspect that there is some writing over the network going on. Is
there anything I can improve, like disabling cache etc?

Also, Netscape is instant.

My environment: 

Solaris-2.7 on x86, plain, no patches

Everything compiled from sources or CVS
gcc-2.95.3, binutils, 
KDE-3.0.4 from CVS, day before announcement 


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