[kde-solaris] color pallette

David Bishop kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Fri Dec 27 16:36:01 2002

Well, we worked around the problem by starting Xsun in 24-bit mode, but I'm 
still kinda confused as to why it couldn't share the pallet.  Oh well, 
problem solved :-)  Thanks for helping!

On Tuesday 24 December 2002 08:50 am, David F. Newman wrote:
> On Monday 23 December 2002 16:12, David Bishop wrote:
> > Here's an odd question (or at least, situation).  I am currently running
> > KDE 3.1-cvs on a RedHat 7.2 linux/x86 machine.  I have a user on an
> > Ultra60 logging into the linux machine via kdm, running XSun.  The colors
> > look surprisingly good for all the KDE apps (nice tiled background, using
> > the default 3.1 theme and style).  However, ghostscript, running on a sun
> > box and exported back to his sun box, is black and white.  At first it
> > only had that, black and white, but by setting the icon theme to lo-color
> > and setting the background to flat blue, I can get ghostscript to use up
> > to 6 shades of "grey".  That's really not enough :-(  Any ideas of how I
> > can make ghostscript act like the KDE apps, and share the pallette (or
> > whatever they do to make it work)?
> >
> > Thanks!
> What does the output of xdpyinfo look like?
> -Dave
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