[kde-solaris] color pallette

David Bishop kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Mon Dec 23 22:58:00 2002

Here's an odd question (or at least, situation).  I am currently running KDE 
3.1-cvs on a RedHat 7.2 linux/x86 machine.  I have a user on an Ultra60 
logging into the linux machine via kdm, running XSun.  The colors look 
surprisingly good for all the KDE apps (nice tiled background, using the 
default 3.1 theme and style).  However, ghostscript, running on a sun box and 
exported back to his sun box, is black and white.  At first it only had that, 
black and white, but by setting the icon theme to lo-color and setting the 
background to flat blue, I can get ghostscript to use up to 6 shades of 
"grey".  That's really not enough :-(  Any ideas of how I can make 
ghostscript act like the KDE apps, and share the pallette (or whatever they 
do to make it work)?