[kde-solaris] pkgs gone to??

David F. Newman kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Mon Dec 23 22:24:00 2002

On Monday 23 December 2002 15:29, thefrog wrote:
> On Monday 23 December 2002 17:03, David F. Newman wrote:
[/etc/system stuff snipped]
> Does this system tuning really has such an impact on kde speed?
> The values reminds me more of big database applications ...
> just wondering
> rainald

Actually this doesn't have much to do with performance.
The solaris default for semaphores and shared memory is
actually quit low.  KDE makes large use of semaphores
and shared memory and if an app goes to grab a semaphore
and it isn't available the app will usually die.  Therefore
these changes just make the system usable by KDE.