[kde-solaris] Xsun vs. XFree86

Devendra Deshpande kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Sun Dec 15 11:36:00 2002

On Fri, 13 Dec 2002 16:45:52 -0700 Benjamin S Carrell
<carrell@eng.utah.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have KDE 3.0.5/Qt 3.0.6 installed on my Solaris 8 based system.  I
> have installed some fonts such as Arial and Verdana, the problem is,
> they are rendered as ugly as I have ever seen.
> I am considering compiling XFree86 and giving that a try.  Mainly for
> Xft and Xrender, which Xsun doesn't support.  Has anyone used XFree86
> on their Solaris (ultrasparc) machine?  I would like to know what your
> impression is using it on Solaris.  Any advice are comments are
> welcome.

How about trying the Xft2 libraries (http://fontconfig.org/)?

>From the page:

  The current version of Xft (2.0) provides a client-side font API for X
  applications. It uses Fontconfig to select fonts and the X protocol
  for rendering them. When available, Xft uses the Render extension to
  accelerate text drawing. When Render is not available, Xft uses the
  core protocol to draw client-side glyphs. This provides completely
  compatible support of client-side fonts for all X servers. 

If you pull in the latest Qt (3.1.1, not sure if qt-copy has been
updated), then it already has support for Xft2. Fromt the changelog
  Detection of Xft2 support has been added.

Whatever you try, I'd be very interested to how it went :-)