[kde-solaris] OT: Desktop Software

Matthew Day kde-solaris@mail.kde.org
Wed Dec 4 09:32:00 2002


this is slightly off topic in that it's not totally KDE related...  I own
part of a Unix Consultancy, we also do alot of in-house software
development.  We are very committed to the Solaris OE, but of late i've
gotten frustrated at the lack of polished user applications.  We are looking
at releasing a few core desktop applications based around the Sun Blade 150,
and Solaris 8/9.  Applications like a DVD player, PDA sync tools (we
currently do this anyway), ftp client, a telnet/ssh/sftp client..  but i
want to know if it's worth while?? how many Sun desktop users would pay for
these applications?  I'm not talking mega bucks, just avg market type

once again sorry for the off topic post.

Kind Regards,