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Tue Mar 29 17:19:58 CEST 2011

> If you want to work in the context of KDE, I suggest that you propose
> something more concretely KDE-oriented. For instance, writing a KDE
> application in the style of Gnome Cheese that is able to (along with
> using other webcams and V4L2 sources) use your Symbian camera as a video
> source would have more specific value.

I'm really interested in the idea of image- and video processing.
Your proposal is fascinating, I would like to try realizing it in the
context of KDE-project.
For the development I'm going to use C++, Qt, OpenCV or V4L2.
Could you advise me anybody who could cooperate with me in this project

If you are interested in this particular idea don't propose to do it
> from scratch though please. Take a look at Kamoso and see if the team
> is interested in extending/improving it through GSoC.

Thanks, Lydia. I have written to an author from Kamoso about my idea:

add in your program "Kamoso" a different visual effects such as:
> -Mirror
> -Gauss blur
> -Outlines
> -Grayscale and etc.

But KDE-Kamoso mailing list seems to be abandoned.

While I think that the idea is great, there already is a project that does
> exactly this [0]. I've used it already and it's works pretty well. However,
> it
> doesn't seem to be maintained that well - so rather than re-inventing the
> wheel, you might want to improve the already existing project.

Thank you! I have a proposal to improve this program.
I'm pretty sure that today many people  don't have bluetooth module on their
computers. And this program won't work on these computers. I could work on
the support of USB-connection

I'm interested a lot in this theme and I would like to find a mentor for
this project.

Sincerely yours,

Victor Buldakov
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