[urgent] status reports are needed!

Lydia Pintscher lydia at kde.org
Tue Aug 23 13:28:23 UTC 2011

Heya folks,

quite a few of you have not updated or added their status reports to
The promo team needs to get started writing the news stories about
GSoC and SoK. Please add things asap.

These things should be on the page in addition to what most of you already have:
* a short project description or link to one
* a screenshot or link to one
* what was awesome about GSoC/SoK
* one thing you learned

@mentors: Please poke your students too if these things are missing on
the wiki page.


Lydia Pintscher
KDE Community Working Group member
http://kde.org - http://about.me/lydia.pintscher

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