Featuring projects in the KDE Commit-Digest

Danny Allen dannya40uk at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 27 01:45:12 CEST 2008

Hi students!
Congratulations on being selected for the Summer of Code with KDE!

This is a completely voluntary request, but I would like to feature students 
and their projects in the KDE Commit-Digest, the weekly report of KDE 
development at http://commit-digest.org/... this means you!

Now, obviously you all wrote a little text about your proposal for the 
application process, but I would like to include a more detailed report, 
possibly following this format (though feel free to write in a different 
style, add stuff, etc):

* A general introduction to the work you are doing, and why/how you chose your 
* What you hope to achieve through the work, the functionality and the 
problems it solves/helps both in general and with regard to current 
* The current state of the work and what you hope to achieve in the near 
* Your longer term goals for the work.
* Any technical comments on the work?
* And anything else you want to talk about is fine also :D

Several paragraphs are ideal and, though it is probably too early for 
screenshots, if you have any mockups or similar images, send them as well!

If you choose to send me your introduction text, I would also like a short 
section where you say a little about yourself: name, age, educational 
institution, what attracts you to open source in general and why you chose 
KDE in particular, when you first encountered KDE (as a user and developer), 
and anything else you want to add.


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