Status report #2 - Voice recognition in khotkeys

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sat Aug 13 17:11:21 CEST 2005


I've made lot of progress on my project.

The engine is now working fine.
(It could of course still be improved.)

I would like people to test it,  and feed back problems

I would like to know is i could merge it with the KDE/3.5 branch, or what i 
have to finish to be able to do so.

In my TODO list:
- Check if a new sound reference is "far" enough of  previous reference.  (If 
two reference sounds the same, it may cause the engine detect bad sound)
- Still some work on the engine.
- When the signature change, be able to recreate signature of old reference 
using saved .wav files.
- ....

I originally wanted to trigger the voice action by  press-speak-release  a 
shortcut.  But i spent one day playing with X11 XEvent, XLib, ... and it 
never worked correctly.  So i finally use KGlobalAccel, and to trigger the 
sound,  press the shortcut,speak, and press the shortcut again.

The i didn't know what to choose as default shortcut. I take Alt+F12
have you better ideas ?

Another problem:  Everyone i know who wanted to test had problem with the 
microphone and arts, including myself.
By default, arts does not run in full duplex, which is required to record,  
and even after selecting full duplex, i had problems and bugs with arts.
I hope this will not be a problem for too much people.

Thanks for testing


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