kamion status report

Milan Mitrovic milhouse at bankerinter.net
Thu Aug 11 16:05:48 CEST 2005


Last week (and a few days) was really painfull. I had a nasty bug and lost a 
lot of time trying to find it. The shape of the code, as I found out, made 
finding it quite difficult. I spent a lot of time trying to reshape/refactor.

The problem was with QValueList::remove(find(...)); when find returns the end 
iterator, this brakes oddly. Inexperience is taking it's toll it seems.

The code works now the way I want it to, but all that bug finding kind of made 
it feel hacked together.

I don't want to waste more time on reorganizing code, because it took a lot of 
time, and I'm still not satisfied. So I'm going to push to finish the 
functionality now, and worry about the shape later.

I will finish the functionality in time, but getting it to feel right will 
take quite some time I think.

Even though I'm not satisfied with how it looks like right now, this is 
something like the 10th version I tried, and getting here was the really fun 
part. Deadlines on the other hand are completely uncool.

The other major source of frustration are the Spanish visa requirements. I 
visited Switzerland recently, and I got all the papers, meetings and 
everything done in 2 days. For the Spanish visa, it's been more than 2 months 
since I contacted them. They asked for all my family's bank account info, my 
parents social status, and a whole lot of other stuff I cant even translate.
I'm still missing the invitation letter from the KDE e.V. which Mirko Boehm is 
supposed to send this evening. If he doesn't, I'll miss the appointment that 
I have tomorrow morning, and I won't be able to make another one for at least 
a month. Oh, and that will be the 5th time I had to travel 280km (one way).

So, please, next year, be so kind and organize aKademy in a sane country.
Milan Mitrovic
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