PPTFilter Progress Report

Yolla Indria yolla.indria at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 20:07:17 CEST 2005

Hallo everybody, 

I would like to share progress of PPTFilter, since it has grown up to about 
7300 lines now. Sorry if this report is very late because till the end of 
July I was still very busy with some labors and classes as well. But then I 
started to code again.

As you know, one of the big part of the filter is parsing the PPT file to 
its records by translating the D3 and Escher documentations. After getting 
the records from PowerPoint Document stream, the next to do thing is 
importing these records to OASIS format. 
As I have been warned before, D3 and Escher documentations are sometimes 
false and also confusing, sometimes I also need to refer to OpenOffice 
documentations that also very difficult to be understood. 

Good news, a very basic import filter is done, which can import texts with 
position and size of its frame. In this basic import filter, I just simply 
put the Libescher (libmsdraw) together with Libppt, because not as I figured 
out before, information of position frame (placeholder) is contained in one 
of record from PPDrawing Group Container. 

The next step is to implement embedded picture and some common shapes like 
rectangle, ellipse, circle, etc. I will also put the newest Libppt in 
repository soon. 

Best regards, 
Yolla Indria
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