[Kde-scm-interest] Re: kde-edu git repos to validate

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 01:16:42 CET 2011

Ian Monroe wrote:
> I've only done a basic look over on each repo (looked at branches,
> made sure each only had one parentless commit), plan on doing more
> tonight. But really it helps to know the history of the code  to know
> if everything looks right. Also if folks could do build tests that
> would be helpful.
> The repos are dated from the 13th or so.
> You can see them under scratch/ianmonroe at http://quickweb.kde.org
> To clone them all, launch `ruby`, copy the following code and end on a
> newline + ctrl-d.
> [
> "blinken",
> "cantor",
> "kalgebra",
> "kalzium",
> "kanagram",
> "kbruch",
> "kgeography",
> "khangman",
> "kig",
> "kiten",
> "klettres",
> "kmplot",
> "kstars",
> "ktouch",
> "kturtle",
> "kwordquiz",
> "libkdeedu",
> "marble",
> "parley",
> "rocs",
> "step"
> ].each { |project|
> `git clone git://anongit.kde.org/scratch/ianmonroe/#{project}`
> }

Here's a suggestion: If you review a repository, even if you find nothing 
wrong, say so in this thread. Then, if you want to look at a repository, 
pick one that got the least reviews by others.

That way we avoid having 3 people carefully looking at one repo and some 
other repo being ignored.


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