[Kde-scm-interest] Re: odd kdeedu conversion crashes

Torgny Nyblom kde at nyblom.org
Mon Feb 7 20:44:10 CET 2011

On Monday 07 February 2011 10.32.47 Ian Monroe wrote:
> I could use another pair of eyes to help diagnose what is going wrong
> with most of the kdeedu repository conversions. They crash on:
> "fatal: Invalid ref name or SHA1 expression: refs/tags/v4.6.0"
> but when I go through and look at the logs, everything seems to be
> fine. The logs talk about creating a 4.6 branch and then creating a
> tag out of it. I suspect that there is nothing wrong with the v4.6.0
> tag in particular, it just happens to be the last tag.
> I was having lots of trouble, including '00000000000' commits related
> to the 4.4.85 tag. First it was tagged, untagged and then retagged
> from a different branch. But now I've ignored the original tagging, so
> I don't see errors related to it anymore.
> I've put a tar of all the logs and the aborted repo of Step at:
> http://kollide.net/~eean/step-svn2gitcrash.tar.bz2
> The rules are in the kde-ruleset repo, under the kdeedu sub-directory.
> The following repos do not crash (all others do):
> rocs
> marble (which uses a completely different set of rules)
> kwordquiz
> kstars
> kalzium
> kalgebra
> cantor
> ...in case thats somehow enlightening.

The original tag is never tagged
grep refs/tags/v4.6.0 gitlog-step
progress Creating annotated tag v4.6.0 from ref refs/tags/v4.6.0
from refs/tags/v4.6.0

I think that you have found a bug in svn2git. When creating a branch the 
information is not written to git directly but saved and later written when 
the next transaction is commited. However in your case the next transaction is 
never created as the tagging was the last thing that happend.



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