[Kde-scm-interest] [Kde-games-devel] kdegames' move to Git

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Sun Jun 27 19:22:34 CEST 2010

On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 09:48:32 -0700, Chani <chanika at gmail.com> wrote:
> every single time the matter was brought up, the end was the same. so
> anyone 
> who wants to comment further on this thread: please, *please* go read
> archives first.

Ok, but some things have changed since we moved from gitorious to our own
solution, which might be relevant.

We now have redmine. Redmine is used to create the structure we need, as
in extragear, playground, kdereview and the main modules. This means that
moving an application from playground to kdereview to extragear is as easy
as reparanting the project page to the right parent (kdereview and after
that extragear).

But this gets complicated when all apps are into one big module based
repository. Moving KMail from kdepim to extragear would not be possible
while preserving the history. This is imho important to know and consider.

Also note that for the future (when and if are very big unknowns, but I
think that thinking ahead might be good) we are starting to use the bugs
feature of redmine, closing bugs with commits is only possible within a
project. So if the repository is added to the 'kdepim' project and the bug
is assigned to the 'kmail' project - while kmail is a child of kdepim in
the hyrarchy - it is not possible to close the bug within a commit. We
would obviously change redmine for that, without much chance of upstreaming

Note, i don't want to bikeshed or whatever, I just want this to be known.
Especially the first point is important I think, using 1 repository per app
would make life a lot easier in this particular area.

Tom Albers
KDE Developer

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