[Kde-scm-interest] [Kde-games-devel] kdegames' move to Git

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzerf at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 23:23:56 CEST 2010

[Stefan Majewsky - Samstag 26 Juni 2010 21:50:40] 

> == Question 2 ==
> Now for the "social" side of things: From what I see, nearly all active 
> kdegames developers (i.e. Parker, Wolfgang and me) are git-svn users already.
> Because our module is also fairly inactive (at least compared to the big ones 
> like kdebase or kdevelop), it could be used as a "guinea pig" for moving a 
> whole module to Git, just like Amarok and Konversation were the first 
> applications moving to git.kde.org. Is such a testing ground needed, and if 
> yes, would everyone from the kdegames devs be okay with the move?

For me it would be alright. I am also using git-svn for quite some time.

One concern of mine when seing the repos on gitorious was, that
I did not find a way to show the log for a specific subfolder.
Is that possible in cgit or whatever is used as the web frontend?
(excuse my ignorance but my head if so full of exam-related stuff
that I did not have the time to look into the new facilities, yet)


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