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Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Fri Jun 11 16:41:53 CEST 2010

On 6/11/2010 9:00 AM, Johan Sørensen wrote:
> 2010/6/11 Jeff Mitchell <mitchell at kde.org>:
> [snip]
>>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> SUM:                           2740          43131          44892
>>>   250546
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>>> So, sorry for publishing bullshit numbers.
>> Well, according to cloc it's not bullshit. There's clearly a large
>> disconnect here between what cloc says and what the Gitorious guys are
>> saying -- by nearly two orders of magnitude. I'd be interested in
>> knowing if the Shortcut guys have an explanation for the huge difference.
> Everything in vendor/ can basically be excluded (at least in my
> opinion) as that is third-party libraries and frameworks such as
> Rails. If you decide that should be included, then cloc is probably
> correct...

Ah, that makes sense. I had forgotten that there was so much included in

>>>> Secondly, gitorious.org does in fact use the native git-daemon, but
>>>> the document seems to confuse cloning and pushing on a few occasions.
>>>> Pushing is entirely done through SSH and once the initial auth with
>>>> gitorious is done, it's passed along to the git machinery.
>>> The point was though that the script that gets called as login
>>> shell on SSH connect relies on the Rails process to be running,
>>> which is a pretty big affair, while gitolite doesn't have any
>>> continually running daemon process involved in push access.
>> I've read through the document a few times and don't see where there's
>> any confusion as to git daemons. Gitorious does indeed have a custom git
>> daemon (which you refer to as a proxy, which is a fair assessment),
>> necessary to resolve the friendly URL names into the on-disk layout.
>> This does mean that if the native upstream Git git-daemon acquires new
>> features or capabilities that we'd have to code it into your git-daemon
>> or wait for an update.
> I was referring to this section: " The software uses a custom
> git-daemon, which it uses to control push access. This means that
> future features of Git (such as improved compression) are unavailable
> to KDE in the long term unless Shortcut updates their git-daemon or we
> update it ourselves."

I believe this is a simple typo. s/push/pull/ is probably what was meant
by whoever wrote that bit. In that context the above statement reads

> Anyway, in the end it doesn't matter for you guys anymore as you've
> made a different choice already. I just wanted to point out a few
> smaller errors that I saw as a developer of Gitorious (as you know,
> these things have a tendency to be suddenly taken as facts down the
> line).

Sure, makes sense.


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