[Kde-scm-interest] [Proposal] Package splitting with thin meta-repos

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Sat Jan 30 03:41:25 CET 2010

On Friday 29 January 2010 20:18:10 Chani wrote:
> > So sorry to come off as some kind of raving lunatic but I'm seriously not
> > sure where all the misunderstanding/freaking-out is coming from regarding
> > kdesvn- build. Is it just too old (and therefore busted)? Do I need to
> > hurry up and change the name before people will believe it handles git
> > modules? Is it because I bothered to try and document it fully? Is it
> > Perl? (then just use Michael Jansen's build tool) Or is this just the
> > next IRC client, and everyone is going to make their own "build them
> > all" script?
> huh.
> yeah, maybe I *should* try out kdesvnbuild.
> I've just got a bunch of scripts I wrote myself, and they work... plus they
> handle my git-svn repos that are inside some of my svn repos, and they log
> errors in a way I'm used to... and change takes effort. :)

I'm not at all opposed to people using their own scripts, what I don't want is 
people putting lots of effort into making solutions for problems that are 
already solved, or even worse claiming things about my software that is 
untrue. So please don't take any of this to me that I think people should 
switch from their own custom scripts, jhbuild, the Ruby build tool or whatever 
to kdesvn-build.

Instead what I'd like is that when we say that we need some tool that does foo 
and bar for the post-conversion period that people quit making up some excuse 
or reason that they think kdesvn-build doesn't implement foo and bar. I 
understand that people will use software that is familiar to them and I have 
no problem with that (not that it would matter what I think anyways) but can I 
really be the only one on this list who already successfully uses kdesvn-build 
to build KDE from git without issues?

 - Michael Pyne
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