[Kde-scm-interest] [Proposal] Package splitting with thin meta-repos

ComputerDruid computerdruid at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 04:28:24 CET 2010

Why not handle this with thin meta-repos?

Take this example:

multimedia.git is a meta-repo, therefore it need not contain any code. What if 
the only thing it contained was a list of submodule paths and a script to 
clone them all if they have not already been cloned? Since this only really 
ever has to be once, it could be a viable solution. The script need not be 
very complicated either. ( for subrepo in `cat subrepos.list`; do if [[ ! -d 
$subrepo ]] ; then git clone $BASE_URL/$subrepo.git ; fi; done )

git handles errors nicely enough that we wouldn't have to bother handling them 
ourselves, and it would be really simple to maintain the submodules, and 
really simple to move submodules around (edit the text files)

This is what I actually think we should do, since as long as the scripts are 
REALLY short and simple, transparency with git will be kept (so people 
understand what is happening) and yet the directory structure can be set up 
quickly. Also a partial download is recoverable (since any successful clone 
will be skipped next run, but a failed one would be re-run)

Please respond with comments here, I want to know what the shortcomings of 
this kind of system would be. I also believe that this will help enable 
multiple workflows, the two main ones being the "all-at-once" and the "pick-
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