[Kde-scm-interest] Package splitting

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Jan 26 09:46:44 CET 2010

A Dimarts, 26 de gener de 2010, Troy Unrau va escriure:
> Hi guys,
> I'm not really involved, nor do I particularly care what SCM KDE is
> using - that's not the reason I'm here. I do however hope that we can
> kill two birds with one stone, and that's the package splitting
> monster. If it's reasonable to accomplish at the same time as the git
> transition, it'd be nice to be able to split out the kde applications
> into separate packages. My motivation for such is two-fold:
> 1) We have a mess right now with each distro splitting KDE in a
> more-or-less unique way, except slackware. This makes it hard to
> recommend packages to users when doing tech support.
> 2) From a marketing perspective, we'd like to start marketing the
> various KDE applications independently, which requires that they are
> easier to obtain as stand-alone apps. In other words, we'd like to be
> able to offer a download of Okular by itself, for instance, since
> Okular is good enough to sell itself.
> I realize that this tips into the release management stuff somewhat as
> well, but hopefully most of them are on this list. Secondly, I know
> that it would create a lot of additional work during the transition,
> but I'd make an argument that it's better to have a major break to
> workflow once (git+splitting) versus twice (once for git, once later
> for splitting).

This has two disadavantages:
 * Kills the belonging to a group (my app is part of kdeedu so i belong the 
kdeedu community)
 * Makes it imposible to depend on internal/shared libraries, e.g. some libs 
in kdebase/workspace/libs are used by kdebase applications but its headers are 
not installed.

So -1 from me.


> Feedback requested. Thiago told me that ossi has already brought this
> up somewhere, but I haven't grepped through the archives yet.
> Cheers

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