[Kde-scm-interest] [Kde-pim] Git and the needs of KDE PIM

Josef Kufner jk at myserver.cz
Thu Jan 14 11:32:48 CET 2010

Patrick Ohly píše v Čt 14. 01. 2010 v 09:59 +0100:
> On Tue, 2010-01-12 at 19:54 +0000, Stephen Kelly wrote:
> > The "blocked" commits issue poses bigger problems I think. My knowledge of 
> > the internals of git is not strong, but I don't think it would be possible 
> > to identify commits to keep only in one branch and not merge with the rest. 
> What you could do is a "git merge --no-commit". Then look at all changes
> that would be committed and revert those that are not wanted in the
> branch that is getting merged into. Commit. The next "git merge" will
> only merge changes made since the last merge, so this manual selection
> only needs to be done once per patch.
> Disclaimer: haven't tried this myself.

I thing, it would be better to do merge without '--no-commit' and then
revert those commits that are not wanted. So everyone will see in log
what patches are not merged. Question is, if we wish to see that.

Josef Kufner <jk at myserver.cz>
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