[Kde-scm-interest] Project release tags on Gitorious

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Nov 29 22:34:26 CET 2009

A Diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2009, Eike Hein va escriure:
> Hi,
> for the least days Konversation has been actively interested
> in following Amarok's lead and moving to Gitorious ahead of
> time, with most of us already using git in some capacity and
> preferring it over SVN.

My with i18n dude hat on i've rejected some gitorious hosted projects to start 
using our git-i18n infraestructure on the grounds that it was only available 
to Amarok because git kde transition is in test mode.

So you either loose i18n when moving to git or we proclaim git ready and move 
all KDE there.


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