[Kde-scm-interest] A concept for "moving to Git" and translations

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Tue May 26 16:42:24 CEST 2009

Ian Monroe wrote:
>>  [amarok]
>>  section = extragear
>>  subsection = multimedia
>>  vcs = git
>>  repo-base = git://foo.bar.kde/amarok
>>  ui-stable = src at branch_2_0
>>  ui-trunk = src at master
>>  doc-stable = doc at branch_2_0
>>  doc-trunk = doc at master
> Outside of the "vcs = git" line (since this should be assumed IMO) the
> above makes a lot of sense to me.

At least during transitioning, having a vcs = git | svn system option
makes sense, especially if projects are moved one-by-one.

However, I do agree with Ian that standardizing on a (D)VCS is the right
move.  Although some might have preferences for Bzr or Hg (or others)
over Git, the reality is that all three enable pretty much the exact
same workflow with only some relatively minor feature/speed differences.
 If various components/projects within KDE start using N different VCS
systems, developers that want to get involved and commit to various
parts of KDE have to become familiar (beyond simply checking out) with N
sets of commands.

Although this might be the reality for many developers anyways if they
are involved with coding outside KDE, it would put an undue burden on
those that are involved only in KDE.


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