[Kde-scm-interest] Amarok move to git broke scripty

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jul 26 22:46:05 CEST 2009

A Diumenge, 26 de juliol de 2009, Chani va escriure:
> > another thing I could do is treat amarok and phonon similarly (where one
> > goes to extragear-multimedia and one goes to qt). then it'd write to
> > desktop_amarok.pot
> that was assuming the module is named amarok.
> if we name the module extragear-multimedia_amarok ... then the extragear-*
> thing gets it and I have to hardcode an exception still. damn.
> ok, I think I've managed to get the best of both worlds. patch attached,
> untested. you'll need to get rid of extragear-multimedia/amarok before this
> can be used.

Patch looks like it could work.


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