[Kde-scm-interest] commit filter + git

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Sat Jul 25 14:33:48 CEST 2009

Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>> It would require updating the post-commit hook in the git repository. 
>> Since we are using gitorious, I think we have to engage their
>> administrators to have it updated.  
> Reason N for why having things under our control is better, you don't have to 
> depend on people that may or may not see the urgence of your patch to fix 
> things.

Maybe if Boyd's claims were true, but they're not.

First off, there's a flag in the email called X-Commit-Directories that
has the old SVN location in it that you could use to filter if you wanted.

Second, you can have git log spit out what directories were committed
to. In fact, it will tell you *all* directories that were committed to,
and what percentage of commmits/changes went into which directories. You
could then either take the path with the highest percentage or find a
common basename and put that in the subject (along with the repo for

Some possible scenarios ([Amarok/amarok] signifies project/repo)

Single directory:
abcd1234 [Amarok/amarok]/src/browsers Fix some problem or another

Multiple directory, showing most changed path:
abcd1234 [Amarok/amarok]/src/browsers (82%) Fix some problem or another

Multiple directory, common basename, with (MD) meaning multiple
abcd1234 [Amarok/amarok]/src (MD) Fix some problem or another

All of this can be done with the system that was already set up.


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