[Kde-scm-interest] SVN closed for commits and Basic Git Groundrules

Johannes Sixt j.sixt at viscovery.net
Tue Jul 21 12:45:20 CEST 2009

Riccardo Iaconelli schrieb:
> On Monday 20 July 2009 10:49:24 Bart Cerneels wrote:
>>> 1) Never, ever create a branch in our mainline repo. Ever. You can do it
>>> locally, but do not push it up.
>>> 2) Clone the repo and work on that. Add mainline as a remote branch in
>>> your local copy of your cloned repo.
> Hmm... I'm a bit scared of using this approach, where you don't share the work 
> directly in the mainline repo, but instead work on your own clones. I mean, 
> while being very git-ish, aren't we losing here the social model that we all 
> love so much about KDE, and that everyone fears to loose when switching away 
> from SVN? 

This statement is about *branches*, not about *changes*.

IOW, as long as your work is not finished, you keep the work in your
private branch. If you want to share the unfinished work with others, you
push it into your own clone on gitorious.org, but you do not push it as a
new branch into the main repository.

Once your feature is complete, you rebase it on top of mainline, and then
push it into the main repository.

Oh, and I don't think the new model is a lot different from the way it was
with SVN. With SVN, if you always had your eye only on /trunk, then it is
as if you only watch the mainline git repo. However, if you also looked
into /branches/work in SVN to see what's coming next, then with git you
will look into the clones of the mainline repository on gitorious.org.

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