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I just got subscribed and skimmed through the few mails already
exchanged about having a DVCS for KDE. Git has been discussed, but have
you considered Mercurial?

Feature-wise, I think Git and Mercurial are pretty similar to each
other. On the portability, though, Mercurial may have an advantage
because it's written in Python and plain C, and works seamlessly on
Windows. There's a TortoiseHg in development, too.

Having used Subversion nearly since its first releases, I found
Mercurial quite comfortable: the command-line syntax is very close. The
extension mechanism of Mercurial also means you know where to find all
Mercurial commands, and Mercurial is self-documented (there's a command
to know the available commands and their documentation).

Of course, the general workflow is the same as with Git or Bazaar. You
clone a remote repo, and most of the time you clone it again to keep a
clean clone of the remote. Mercurial hardlinks the files that constitute
the repo, so cloning locally is really cheap. You commit locally then
make the changesets available. There's an extension to send a batch of
changesets in emails with all sorts of options (in the body or attached,
as clear text or in the compressed format of Mercurial, with the log
message aside, with diffstat output, etc.). Personally, I find it rather
easy to setup a CGI in my ~/public_html for each of my public repos.

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