[Kde-scm-interest] git-svn import of SVN?

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Thu Nov 8 13:35:54 CET 2007

Em Thursday 08 November 2007 11:23:19 Oswald Buddenhagen escreveu:
> > No, not throw away. You can keep the svn repo around if you want.  Its
> > more about putting loads and loads of effort into sanitizing (aka
> > adding that info) the repository before you *can* import it into git.
> dude, we *have* that info. it's the svn moves. it's nothing more than
> mapping them appropriately.

That's not the info I was proposing of throwing away.

To properly import branches, we need to follow SVN branching the SVN way 
(i.e., a copy with history). This has to be supported in the importer tool.

The information I was proposing to throw away are the sequential relationships 
between commits in different modules. 

That is:
 - revision N in Subversion is a commit to kdelibs
    becomes kdelibs.git shaX
 - revision N+1 is a commit in kdebase
    becomes kdebase.git shaY

The only way to properly order shaX and shaY is through the supermodule 
KDE.git containing two commits (shaZ1 and shaZ2) that indicate the state of 
the submodules. I.e., in shaZ1, the kdelibs submodule changes to head shaX 
and in shaZ2, kdebase submodule changes head shaY leaving kdelibs unchanged.

THAT's the extra effort I was talking about throwing away. If you *do* need to 
check out old history of KDE and find out what the state of kdebase was when 
kdelibs was at subversion revision N, all you have to do is search kdebase's 
commit logs for the commit <= N+1.

And that's only for KDE.git. If we want the proper ordering between the KDE 
submodules to extragear, koffice, kdesupport, etc., we have to go all the way 
back to all.git (or trunk.git), which will have one commit for each commit in 
the any submodule. A 750000-commit git repository?

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