[Kde-scm-interest] kdelibs official branches import finished

Johannes Sixt j.sixt at viscovery.net
Fri Dec 28 08:24:32 CET 2007

Thank you, Thiago, for you efforts! This *is* exciting.

Thiago Macieira schrieb:
> after repack:
> $ du -sh
> 239M    .
> Other stats:
> $ git count-objects -v
> count: 0
> size: 0
> in-pack: 547980
> packs: 1
> prune-packable: 0
> garbage: 0

These numbers tell that even for single modules, a whole-history
conversion to git is not feasible for daily work, IMHO. Of course, it's
nice to have a historic repo around somewhere, but for future work it is
better not to be burdened with prehistoric revisions when they take so
much space.

-- Hannes

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