[Kde-science] Encouraging participation

todd rme toddrme2178 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 00:51:00 CEST 2010

It seems to me that this mailing list is not being involved in the
discussions for which it is intended.  I am not sure why this is the
case, nor do I know how we could go about remedying the situation.
Within the last week, there has been 3 science-related posts to the
dot and planetkde.


The first two were about KDE presentations at major scientific events.
 In neither case was any notice posted to this mailing list, either
before or after the event, yet in the first case there was a request
for assistance posted to the marble mailing list.  The third is asking
scientists and educators for input about whether to continue
development of an application of a scientific nature (kstars), and
once again this question was not posed to this mailing list.

As I said, I am not sure exactly how to rectify this situation.  I
think a good first step would be to post a prominent request asking
that developers post such notices to this mailing list, especially if
they are already posting it elsewhere (a simple copy and paste from a
blog or forward from another mailing list would suffice).  The
request, I think, would ask that the mailing list be involved with
these things in particular (but not exclusively):

1. People planning to present or promote KDE or a KDE application or
tool at a conference of a scientific, mathematical, engineering, or
other technical nature.  This is especially true if they are looking
for assistance.

2. People looking for input about an application with of a primarily
scientific, mathematical, engineering, or other technical nature.

3. People looking for input from scientists about KDE or a KDE
application or tool.

4. People seeking assistance making use of KDE or a KDE application or
tool for scientific purposes.

In order to guarantee that the people we are trying to reach see it,
the request would probably need to be posted to planetkde, kde dot
news, and at least these mailing list: kde, kde-announce, kde-devel,
and kde-core-devel.

What does everyone here think?  Any suggestions, or does anyone think
this is a bad idea period?


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