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Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Sun May 23 22:18:50 CEST 2004

I've got a task that some people here might be interested in: We've made a 
start on a complete rewrite of the KDE User Guide, and help writing it would 
be welcome.

The outline has been done, we just need to write the contents :-). If you have 
a particular area of KDE that you are interested in or know well, then you 
might liek to write a section for the user guide.

You can find it in CVS under kdenonbeta/doc/userguide-tng if you want to edit 
it directly, or you can look at it online at . Take a look there and see 
if there's an empty section that you'd be able to write.

Skills you'll need:
The ability to explain something fairly clearly to a non-technical person (we 
aim the documentation at new users rather than gurus). I think that's all. 
You don't need to know DocBook, or be a perfect English speaker - I can add 
DocBook markup and make sure the English is correct fairly easily once the 
content is written.

 The aim is for the user guide to be the first place for users to look when 
they want information on a particular task (eg, "burn a CD in KDE"), so 
instructions should be fairly general - advanced topics and special cases can 
be dealt with in particular application manuals.

If you're interested, get back to me on this list or on 
kde-doc-english at , and we'll decide on the best way to proceed.

Philip Rodrigues
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